Gelato is our passion and our speciality.We can supply you with the raw materials and the equipment for the gelato production as well as the cold chain equipment to conserve and to sell it. Whether to start a new activity or to improve one already existing, we can give you suggestions for the best solution and supply you with the equipment you need.For the gelato producing machines we work with 2 companies: Bravo and Gelita.

Bravo is the world leader in this field. With the invention and the patent of Trittico in the ’70s, Bravo made a revolution in the way of producing gelato.
Since than, they have always payed great attention and care to improve their machine performance, taking into account the innovations concerning materials and technological discoveries.
Nowadays their machines are the best you can find on the market.

Logo Bravo


Gelita, which works in close contact with Bravo, offers its machines in 2 versions: electronic and electro-mechanic. It’s not easy, nowadays, to find electro-mechanic machines with the same performance as electronic ones.

To complete the gelato laboratory, we have all the products of Friulinox concerning refrigerators, freezers and chillers.

Logo Friulinox

For the raw materials to produce gelato, we have an Italian partner who has worked in this field for more than 40 years.


Twice a year, we organize in Abidjan courses to become Maestro Gelataio (Expert Gelato Maker), with theoretical and practical lessons held by 2 Italian teachers on the gelato production and the management of a gelato shop.